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Client vision

Replace the original two level wood deck with a new maintenance free composite deck and aluminum glass railings. The new space will be one level but will still serve as two areas.


The client also wanted to select a deck board that accents the newly renovated kitchen floor and tied into the glass stucco well enough that they wouldn't feel the urge to redo the siding!

Features & highlights

  • Fiberon PVC composite decking

  • Glass railings

  • Double picture frame design

  • Angled deck pattern over dining area

  • Mitred stair treads for seamless finish


The clients had a fully landscaped backyard and didn't want to redo the patio. This meant we had to rebuild the new deck with the exact same footprint as the original one, even though the material was a different size.


A lot of math and planning went into the construction but the finished result speaks for itself. The deck looks like it's been there for years and the yard was built around it.

The softer features that don't appear obvious are the mitred stair treads and string line straight deck boards. PVC decking can flex quite a bit which makes installation on a 32' wide deck challenging to keep everything straight and lining up to each other.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was logistics because their acreage was 1 hour outside of Edmonton. 2019 was the worst year for weather since our inception which meant we had to execute on our plan effectively to stay on schedule.

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