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Client vision

Create a two level deck that connects them to the backyard, maintains privacy and takes up as much of the footprint as possible to reduce backyard maintenance. 

Incorporate maintenance free composite PVC decking that compliments the siding colours and clients personality.

Features & highlights

  • Azek PVC composite decking

  • 10mm frameless glass & privacy glass railings

  • Two tone angled composite deck pattern

  • Recessed staircase


When we first met these clients, it was apparent right away they were easy to work with. They wanted their custom deck to represent their vision and be able to express themselves through the deck design, product selection and custom glass railing design.

The most challenging part was working within the existing landscape grading and irrigation lines which meant more prep than usual.

Aside from the custom glass railings, the entire deck project was completed in 4 days while the clients were out of province on holidays. We often build while clients are away which is a testament to our constant communication and effective execution of our plan.

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