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Client vision

Create an elevated private space to enjoy sunsets over the lake, BBQ during the summer or relax on a sunny day.

Incorporate a waterproof area underneath for year round hot tub use regardless of what Mother Nature is doing and tie both spaces together via a spiral staircase.

Features & highlights

  • Azek & Wolf PVC composite decking

  • 10mm frameless glass railings

  • Custom inlay deck pattern

  • Trex Rain Escape waterproof system

  • Spiral staircase

  • Cultured stone pillars to match house


When they moved into the house, the only deck was a tiny 7' x 5' covered nook barely big enough to BBQ on. The deck extension we built was finally a space the whole family could gather around.

The existing landscaping and deck elevation posed a challenge because of the style of pillar design we incorporated into the deck.


This meant we had no room for error with our screw pile measurements or the pillar reveal wouldn't match. On top of that the staircase sits atop a screw pile so needless to say we measured more than twice!

The customer wanted a waterproof deck and naturally our first selection would be vinyl decking. He instead opted for a custom composite PVC deck with inlay which meant we needed a waterproof membrane to facilitate his request.

We've encounter this situation many times and traditionally use a product called Trex Rain Escape but this is where the story gets interesting. Wanting to push our capacity as a deck builder and satisfy the customer's design for an inlay pattern we combined the two together for the first time.

The finished product is waterproof, functional and mostly beautiful but I'm disappointed in how the inlay pattern turned out.


Needless to say we're always learning and will let our experience guide us in the future to better serve our clients.

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